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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm being assaulted... so where the bloody hell are you?! 

Seriously, this is but a drop in the teacup.

Just about everybody I know has a story about some dodgy incident where they called the cops who then proceeded to do nothing.

And they reckon they are too busy.

My fucking arse they are. 16 days to deal with this kids case when you see them all the same fucking areas (namely mine) checking peoples warrant and rego, and up and down the highways pulling over heavy vehicles for a 3000 point inspection so they can fine the trucking or bussing company 5,000.

The latest one I heard was a bloke having his large work garage broken into with grafitti there. The cops reckoned the perpetrators would be back so he should sleep inside and call a police number and a cell phone number of the officer he dealt with.

Sure enough during the night he hears them come up, calls the first number, gets told they are too busy, calls the bloke on the cell phone who says, sorry mate, I'm too busy and that's that. He was left to go charging out with a pipe and start bashing the car forcing them into hooning off. The next day the cop shows up to check if everything is alright!!! FFS!!! And then they tell him he's bloody lucky because he could have hurt them and got into trouble himself.



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