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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


That's the only word that adequately describes being ahead by 180 runs on the first innings, and still conspiring to lose by 6 wickets with 4 sessions remaining. And with "the world's best left-arm spinner" (TM) bowling on a crumbling 4th innings wicket, on which even Monty "I give it a twirl" Panesar had managed to take a devastating 6-for.

Sure, Umpire Taufel didn't do us any favours (e.g., refusing to give the LBW when Vettori trapped Lord Collingwood of Durham in front for 2 in the 4th innings ... to which Brian Waddle responded: "What was that missing? Off and leg?!") and nor did the injury to In Like Flynn, but we didn't do ourselves any either. With crap like this:
77.6 O'Brien to Bell, no run, has he just dropped the Test? slow ball, Bell is early on the shot, pops it straight back to the bowler, he seems to have it covered but drops a dolly, that's as sweet a lollypop as you will get, he's muffed it
Muffed it indeed.

Yours, a very disappointed NZC fan.

p.s,. May I be the first to say "Sack the coach!" ... oh, hang on.

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My reaction is coming mate, soon as I find the other note I wrote...

On a lighter note, this is my favourite:

42.1 Oram to Vaughan, no run, mean and accurate, shoulders arms outside off
42.2 Oram to Vaughan, no run, and one more, outside off and leaves it unharmed
42.3 Oram to Vaughan, no run, punched off the back foot to cover
42.4 Oram to Vaughan, no run, driven crisply towards mid-on. Vaughan has scored 1 in the last 40 minutes. Rock solid, I say
42.5 Oram to Vaughan, 1 run, that's the trick, pushed to cover and doubles his last 40 minutes score
David Lloyd: "Two runs and four metro trams have gone by. The trams are winning 4-2 at the moment."
42.6 Oram to Strauss, no run, full and outside off, defended to cover and "Wait" is the call
Bob O'Hara: "Now this is embarrassing. I've just checked the WI-Aus scorecard, and Chanders is scoring at a faster rate than both of the England batsmen."

End of over 43 (1 run) - England 110/1
AJ Strauss 60* (139b 5x4) JDP Oram 8-3-5-0
MP Vaughan 23* (95b 2x4) IE O'Brien 11-4-25-1
Ah, but Chuck; that was in the 1st innings.

They actually played in the run chase, and we didn’t.

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