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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Business as usual? 

A cop makes a three point turn on a bend of a narrow provincial highway, thereby blocking both lanes, and two motorcyclists coming around the corner wear the damage: serious bloody injuries, plus two smashed Italian bikes. The idiot cop whose dangerous maneuver is responsible for the whole thing blames the motorcyclists for speeding (of course he would have taken the bend at 35 kph, anticipating that some idiot could be blocking both lanes with his large Australian sedan).

In other news:

1/ Outrageous Fortune was bloody good last night.
2/ I accidentally (I must stress this!) saw David Beckham at Wellington Airport, as he was departing for the Spice Girls concert in Vancouver.

On a livelier note, the pitch at Dunedin's "new" test venue, the University Oval, looks, um, lively: "34 wickets fell inside two days of a State Championship match" between Otago and Auckland.

In Auckland's second innings, there were 5 ducks, and only 3 guys made it past eight. Yes, eight.

Don't worry, NZ Cricket is sending its "top turf doctor". I can picture it now: "Out of my way, I'm a turf doctor!" WTF? Since NZ Cricket can't select its way out of a candy shop, I doubt it's on top of the turf thing.

Actually, I say leave the thing as it is and take our chances. I've often thought Dunedin would be the only place we might hope to dismiss a test team for less than 26, and thereby get this monkey off our backs.

Imagine the following:

Team from the subcontinent (in this case the weakest team, Bangladesh)
+ howling cold southerly (unlikely but not impossible in early January in Dunedin - December would be preferable)
+ cloud cover (highly likely)
+ green top (possible - something is up with the pitch)
+ NZ wins the toss and fields
= ????

If we had Bond steaming in with the southerly at his back (although the pitch seems to be aligned NW-SE, rather than strictly N-S, but you get the idea) they'd be in all sorts of trouble. But Bond is injured so it's business as usual.

You can zoom in a have a look at the pitch here.

View Larger Map

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Bit of a scoop on the Bond situation.

Sadly, it looks as if it’s almost time up….
Wow, great scoop Leggie. Fascinating read. And certainly the money is likely to be very enticing, as you say.

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