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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dragons in White Smellie Armour 

Y'know my father and I have discussed this several times over the last couple of seasons and we have come to the conclusion that the Dragons will never win the NRL because they have a bunch of faggoty arse homos (I mean that in the sense that they are not cut out to play a brutal sport - though Ian Roberts kind of wrecks the theory) that wear white boots to go with their white socks and mainly white shorts and shirts.

The Dragons have always been about image which is probably why nobody goes to watch them apart from school kids and their mums.

Guys, look in the mirror, realise you are a pack of wankers and wear black boots, harden up and win a few meaningful games from time to time.

In the mean time 2007 is going all right. The Blackcaps are doing OK, despite the inevitable semi final loss v South Africa or Australia. The Blues are topping the Super 14 and they or the Crusaders will win the title a-fucking-gain. The Warriors are going well and are a shoe-in for the playoffs already, and best of all.........

Rage Against The Machine and All Saints have re-united. Thought fortunately not with each other.

Can life get any better?

Also, has anybody seen alt tv late on in the evening. There I was channell surfing a little after midnight on saturday and what do I see but a large dildo being shoved up a vagina. It was only a photograph being held up by the host, but nonetheless. She then went on to discuss the number of texts she was getting to get her tits out which she would do if she got enough along with generally filthy comments for a couple of minutes.

I really must watch more often.

Speaking of porn, for all the women readers out there here's rage ...


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