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Friday, April 20, 2007

Censor this bitch 

Alrighty, first of all a big FUCK YOU to webmarshal which seems to have updated itself and blocked me from every blog known to man.

Anyways, my tips for the test and round 6 of the NRL: (ha, got 7/8 right last week)

Aussie vs Kiwis - Kiwis

Storm vs Panthers - Storm

Sharks vs Raiders - Raiders

Sea Eagles vs Titans - Titans.

(I see this one being close and maybe the big upset happening! Titans seem to be consistently paying in excess of $3 which ain't bad for a team that's won 3 out of their last 4.)

Knights vs Broncos - Knights (at least 5 of the Bronocs will be backing up from tonight's test and the Knights ain't been too shabby lately)

Eels vs Bulldogs - Bulldogs

Cowboys vs Rabbits - Rabbits.

$5 bet of the week - Raiders/Raiders halftime fulltime double @$5.50

7 out of 8 is pretty fucken impressive. I think I had about 3. I notice that the folks picking on the back of the herald sports section are going at between 50 and 65% for the year.

Aussie vs Kiwis - Kiwis
Storm vs Panthers - Storm
Sharks vs Raiders - Sharks
Sea Eagles vs Titans - Sea Eagles in a close one. the Titans looked shit hot v the broncos. It was more thana fluke. they straight up were a better team and the better team.

Knights vs Broncos - Knights
Eels vs Bulldogs - Bulldogs
Cowboys vs Rabbits - Cowboys
well I guess the the Mahareyism laid out by the inestmable Bennyasena will now mean webmarshal will prevent him returning to BIR

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