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Monday, February 12, 2007

Out of Interest 

I see the Korean consul is saying that all NZ tour buses should be fitted with seatbelts as is the case in Korea. And I happen to agree.

However what should be noted is that in Korea wearing a seatbelt in the back seat isn't even mandatory. It is also quite common for women to carry babies in their arms in vehicles. One reason why seatbelts are compulsory in tour buses in Korea is that the accident and fatality rate is extraordinary, particularly on the highways where it is a regular occurence for pile ups of dozens of vehicles, often resulting in the deaths of several people. The accident rate is approximately DOUBLE that of the next highest developed nation and the fatality rate is also double. I've always found that Koreans don't value life quite the same as say New Zealanders do, well not until it is lost that is. A hangover from being raped and pillaged for centuries no doubt. Once the lives have been lost then the shit hits the fan with whoever was responsible. The classic ambulance (or prison) at the bottom of the cliff gets played out on an almost daily basis on the Korean news.

But back on those seatbelts. Guess what. People don't wear those fitted seatbelts on Korean buses. They sit on em'. Same as they would do here. I'd be surprised if a single one of those passengers would have been wearing them had they been there.

Nevertheless the driver of this bus should get his arse handed to him if found guilty. If you can't treat a job where dozens of people put their lives in your hands with the respect it deserves then you're goin' down town.


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