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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Prank Calls 

We've had a young girl of about 8 or 9 I suppose prank calling us all day yesterday. I'd say maybe 5 times before lunch and then nearly 20 times in the early evening including leaving messages. The obvious thing to do is turn the phone off but when you are expecting calls you can't do that.

So anyway, I called the telecom number to ask them to call the little shit up and warn her to stop it. But low and behold they can't do anything. Instead they direct you to an investigative 0800 number. So I call them and guess what? They only operate 9am to 4pm monday to friday. What a fucken joke. They are closed at pretty much the prime time for prank calls, ie. the weekend. So we have to hope that she stops calling us this weekend or we will go nuts. I'm expecting phone calls so turning the phone of is not an option. They also told us (at Telecom) to write the exact times of the calls down so when we can call the 0800 number then they can do something about it. On the recorded message they say that the calls should have been going on for at least 7 days!!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?????!!!!!

Can you imagine if somebody tied up your business phone, or house phone or whatever all day, everyday for a week before anything could be done about it? What a load of shit. That 0800 number should be manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But guess why it isn't? Because they don't make any money out of you.

Right, time to feed the baby pureed apple and banana. Or smear it over her face anyway.

A whistle might be very handy. I thought the thing about prank calls as a youngster was to never ring the same number twice. Those who don't learn should get the whistle treatment.
A useful reminder - I'd forgotten about the whistle response. I wonder though if you damage the little shit's hearing whether you're liable for prosecution? Is it assault to deafen (presumably temporarily) a prank caller?

And what about telemarketers? :)

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