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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Not too proud to scavenge 

I am, I think, the only white scavenger in Massey. Yes it is that hallowed time of year, when one can place one's unwanted inorganic items out on the front verge for free collection by the city council ("clean-up week" as it will be known to our many Canadian readers). But such collection occurs only after much scavenging and "informal recycling", almost exclusively conducted by Pacific Islanders driving large vans. But yesterday I seized on the opportunity to grab an old dryer put out by a local resident, haul it into my small car, and take it home to salvage parts for another old dryer - namely, our one - a dud we bought off trademe. The remains were then placed out on our verge for further recylcing/removal.

Wonderful. I stuck out like a white guy scavenging, but hey, I have some vital parts now, which will be very useful once winter returns and a dryer is once again necessary. No doubt in about three weeks - this great summer weather is too good to last.

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