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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Villasanti 4/10 yeah right 

Yip round 13 in the NRL was a bitch, I picked one out of seven results which leaves me on 64 points trailing the leaders of the NRL picking competition by 25. However, out of the celebrity tippers John Howard is still last and very much least on 43...loser.

Speaking of Australian politics I see Labor is trying to get Peter Garrett the former singer of Midnight Oil into a safe-seat for the next general election; I wonder how he'll cope being a politician in "Redneck Wonderland"?

But, more importantly, back to league and this week the Warriors $1.80 - searching for their second consecutive win - play at Jade Stadium, Christchurch against Wests Tigers $1.95 who just lost their star player Benji Marshall to a season-ending injury.

The game could go either way but I'm inclined to think the loss of three key Warriors to suspension could be a big factor.

I can't help but feel that Francis Meli was hard done by in his suspension for lifting. It was that no-good bloody Sione 'my girlfirend and I are having a fight and I need this week off coach' Faumuina who came into the tackle late and lifted.

But week in and week out it has been Richard Villasanti carrying the Warriors and I was disgusted to see last week in the NZ Herald that he got a rating of 4/10 for the season.

This is how his season was summed up in the Herald:
"Likewise, little go-forward. Villasanti has stood out in a couple of games and was one of a very few playing hard against the Roosters, but there has been no consistency, no domination of opposition packs, no smashing hits to lift the defence, lots of mistakes"

I'd like to see your minimalistic picking skills given a rating out of 10 Peter Jessup. Not only does he score more than his fair share of trys, he doesn't miss tackles and he terrorises opposition players with massive hits: 7/10 would have been fair.

As an aside, an associate of mine had $5 on Villa to score a try last week against the Raiders and with less than a minute on the clock the Warriors were over the Raiders try line on the right hand wing when a Raiders player booted it right across to the other side of the field (still in goal) where three players dived and missed just for big Villa to fall on the ball at 3:1.

Other than Villa's disgraceful 4/10 I agreed with most of Jessop's other ratings, bar Karl Temata's 4/10; who deserved at least a 5.

Oh and by the way, speaking of Stacey's private life, an associate ran into Stacey Jones' dad the other day and asked him he was going to watch him play the next day against the Raiders to which he replied:

"Yeah I'll keep going to the end of the year but by then I'll be well and truly sick of this shit."

Read into that what you will.


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