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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Them's Be Fightin' Words 

Justin Marshall want's to wop some pasty pom arse flesh (I'll have me some of that beating!).

And the Warriors have turned their "ownership" problems into some kind of "ownership of winning feeling".

Right, I'm going out on a limb and picking the AB's to beat England by 15 points. I'm not really sure what the hell will happen, it being the first test of the season and all with a fairly new look team with a new coach and probably new game plan and new attitude against a team that is somewhat weakened but still strong???

I notice that the poll in the site has 67.3% picking the AB's to triumph (and naturally the other 32.7% picking England). As has been firmly established earlier in our blogs (it's down the post a fair way), the visitors to are slightly dumber than those who vote in the sporting polls and both are considerably dumber than a bag of hammers.

However if you ever put money on any of my predictions you should hit yourself over the head with one of those hammers.

Oh and for the three people that were following my dental stories over the past couple of months. I went today to get my tooth finally capped (my 6th visit) but the temporary cap they put on last week had come off, warped my tooth slightly and the 420 dollar cap doesn't fit. So I have to go back AGAIN!!! 7 ruddy times. Mind you three more visits and I think I get the steak knives... or else go into receivership.

Also come back tomorrow morning and check out my simple statistical analysis of our batsman during our test playing history. Or you could check it out at about midnight NZ time which is when I'll be done teaching and get it up.


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