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Sunday, June 06, 2004

NRL Upset Pandimonium Mayhem Mania 

Or something like that.

7 games and simply going by the points table 6 of them turned out to be upsets.

Bulldogs 40 Roosters 12 (that Roosters defence is second to none!)

Cowboys 14 Dragons 12 (at St George!, that's why the Dragons won't get near the title)

Eels 18 Knights 16 (at Newcastle!, read above)

Warriors 20 Raiders 14 (don't the Raiders suck this year? and teams often do well in their first game after a coach sacking so let's not get our hopes up. Perhaps they should sack Tony Kemp during the week and repeat continuosly)

Sea Eagles 20 Panthers 12 (muhahahahaha)

Sharks 30 Broncos 22 (at Brisbane, they don't have what it takes)

Storm 30 Tigers 24 was the only game you could say wasn't a clear upset as both teams were tied on 14 going into the round and it was in Melbourne

I'm watching the Rooters v Bulldogs game now in order to enjoy things go pear shaped for once for the chickens.

And I'm looking forward to catching up with the Warriors game. From the write up it seemed like it was all big tackles, high tackles and near misses.

6,967 showed up for it which was 1,025 less than the 7,992 I predicted. Awful crowd but they didn't deserve much more. I went back through the records and as far as I can tell it's their worst crowd in nearly 6 years. In Round 21, 1998 they had a crowd of 4,500 show up to watch them beat North Queensland 34-18. As a whole the league had it's worst crowd average in 1998 (10,935) since 1989 (10,519).

On the cricket Papps and Fleming did what they are capable of sometimes and credit to them but look for Fleming to be dismissed for something between 4 and 12 in the second innings and Papps will be out for 42 followed by 23 and 9 in the vital third test. Better to get your runs in the first innings than the second though they say.

Fleming gone for 11. It's not even remotely surprising. This coming from one of the world's great captains (which should mean 'intelligent cricketer').

He averages 32.89 in second innings which is pathetic. With one century and 14 fifties in 63 innings.

Compared to 41.32 in first innings with 5 centuries and 20 fifties.

It's a bit late now but I think it's high time for the guy to learn how to buckle down for the teams cause.
Good prediction on Fleming's lack of contribution. With the wicket deteriorating, NZ still 15 runs behind, and neither Papps nor Vettori likely to bat, expect us to be done like a dinner. All of our bowlers took wickets, but they all took a bit of a pasting too, including Vettori who only managed 2 for 80-odd before limping off.

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