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Friday, May 14, 2004

The most fantastic NRL related website ever 

That is if you like statistics as I do. I damn near had an orgasm when I found it and am still tingly all over my body!

I stumbled across it purely by chance but have no idea why I had never found it earlier given the countless searches I have done for Rugby League related sites. Perhaps it's only been put up recently. It also had similar stats for one day cricket, test cricket and Australian Rules. If anybody knew about this site before and didn't let me know it'll be a gruesome death for them.

Check it out.

It has all the teams records, all the crowd stats right back to 1957. Match scores back to 1908. All scorers listed back to 1980. You can click on players names to get their career scoring stats by the season or by every single game they have ever scored in (well since 1980 at least, hopefully whoever is doing it works their way back).

Anyway just go there and see for yourself.

Although here's something useful if you are a Warriors fan. All teams with an asterisk next to their name are still operating. Note how successful they were against now defunct (or distorted?) teams. Only one (Cowboys) out of the top nine teams is still operating as they originally were when the Warriors joined the comp (well two if you count the Rabbitohs who were kicked out and then reinstated after large protests):

Opponent P W D L Win%
South Queensland Crushers 2 2 0 0 (100%)
*Northern Eagles 6 5 0 1 (83.33%) +actually they are now going by "Manly Sea Eagles" again
*South Sydney Rabbitohs 10 7 0 3 (70%)
Western Suburbs Magpies 6 4 0 2 (66.67%)
Gold Coast Seagulls 3 2 0 1 (66.67%)
*North Queensland Cowboys 16 10 0 6 (62.50%)
Illawarra Steelers 5 3 0 2 (60%)
Balmain Tigers 5 3 0 2 (60%)
Manly Sea Eagles 7 4 0 3 (57.14%)
*Sydney Roosters 14 8 0 6 (57.14%)
*Melbourne Storm 12 6 1 5 (54.17%)
*Cronulla Sharks 15 8 0 7 (53.33%)
*Bulldogs 17 8 2 7 (52.94%)
Hunter Valley Mariners 2 1 0 1 (50%)
Western Reds 4 2 0 2 (50%)
*Canberra Raiders 16 7 0 9 (43.75%)
*Wests Tigers 7 3 0 4 (42.86%)
*Penrith Panthers 15 6 0 9 (40%)
*Parramatta Eels 13 5 0 8 (38.46%)
*St George Illawarra Dragons 8 3 0 5 (37.50%)
Adelaide Rams 3 1 0 2 (33.33%)
*Brisbane Broncos 16 5 0 11 (31.25%)
*St George Dragons 4 1 0 3 (25%)
North Sydney Bears 4 1 0 3 (25%)
*Newcastle Knights 14 2 1 11 (17.86%)
Totals 224 107 4 113 48.66%

Incidentally, I checked all the teams official names and the Bulldogs are the only team that have completely ditched their earlier name. No mention of "Canterbury" or "Bankstown" anywhere in their web pages regarding their present day status.

I'll put a permanent link to it over in our links section, though it'll be bookmarked on my comp!

It also has a link to a downloading site where you can drag and drop any game from the last few years. The NRL website uses streaming so it needs to buffer a lot and can get annoying. So if there are ever games that you really want to keep because they were classics you can download them to your comp. The quality is better than the NRL website and once they are downloaded they play cleanly right through (although the one I downloaded wouldn't allow me to jump through it in mediaplayer and then it stopped after ten minutes saying there was something wrong with the file, but you can try your luck).


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