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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Prosecute Jerry Collins 

As many a Dunedin student can attest, public urination frequently results in prosecution and conviction under the Crimes Act in this country. Jerry Collins should, therefore, be tried under s. 125 (indecent act in a public place), in the same way as any other New Zealand citizen (especially a young male) might be. One law for all, right? No reasonable expectation of privacy s.125(2) could apply in the middle of a sports stadium, one thinks. "Maverick Te Awamutu lawyer Jim Parlane", as the Waikato times calls him, is "quite right", as Don Brash might say.

While we're at it, how about proscuting the Mad Butcher for stealing Yamis' pie all those years ago? No lawyers have yet been in contact to take up this historical case. Our email address is to the left of your screen.

Please he has a small dick and hes circumsised thats all we need to know ha
Speak for yourself. That's two things more than I need to know.

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