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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday News from the backlines 

I was dropping off some library books yesterday when a 50 year old bloke pulled up in a car next to me to ask if everything was shut. I replied that it looked that way, since there was not a single other vehicle in the carpark.

Thing was this guy had lustrous blonde locks and was wearing red ribbons in his hair.

Maybe when he asked me if everything was shut he meant something else and for my sake I unwittingly gave the correct answer.

In other news 3 families went home early from their holiday in Mt Maunganui. Other kids were crying in the carpark and having to go to grandma's caravan to colour in. I just can't handle big news like this. It overwhelms the senses.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tour of Duty 

This dude will go back to playing Starcraft 15 hours a day as soon as he's done with his 24 months military service.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hamilton smells the fumes... 

Remember how so many people laid into Auckland City Council about not getting the V8 Supercars and about how awesome and far-sighted the Hamilton City Council was for stumping up with the cash and venue???

Yeah well, how's about this then...

30 million bucks for a city with around 100,000 people in it.

That's $300 PER RATEPAYER.



Bloody hell, now that the holidays have arrived I might find some time to write something here.

Or maybe I won't.

I've sold ma house and don't move until mid January so have no DIY to do for the first time in 6 years.

What the fuck am I going to do but waste my brain cells on the net?

Saturday, December 04, 2010

BENEFIT FRAUD!#@% ... (of 0.000064%) 

Fraudsters rob pensions of the dead screams the Herald's lead this morning.

It's those feckless benefit abusers taking another suckle on the public teat ... this time dishonouring the dead in so doing! You can almost picture the spittle frothing at the mouth of the aggrieved taxpaying hordes.

Mid-way through the story, we learn just why this gross abuse of the public purse merits headline news:
Investigators "data-mined" 250,000 beneficiary deaths and decided 33 needed further investigation.

Criminal charges were eventually laid against 16 people. [...]

All but one of the 16 people charged have since pleaded guilty, and eight have been sentenced.

Right, so 33/250,000 potential cases that were 'suspicious', and 16/250,000 that were 'prosecuted'.

If the 16th is found guilty, that's 0.000064% of potential cases that resulted in fraud (not bad for a worst case scenario).

If the total of guilty parties remains at 15, it's 0.0006%.

Alternate headline: Kiwis remarkably honest people; benefit fraud remains almost non-existent

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