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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Random Stats of the Year 

Here's the crowd averages from last year and this year in the Super 14 broken down into where the opposition is from for the NZ sides.

When two NZ teams play each other the average crowd is 16,496.
When a NZ team plays a team from Australia the average crowd is 13,728.
When a NZ team plays a team from South Africa the average crowd is 13,409.

So the idea that more home derby's will attract more interest certainly appears to be true.

It may also help reinvigorate a bit of novelty value to your team playing a side from Australia and South Africa like used to exist.

Long before we realised that the Cheetahs, Lions, Force and Highlanders would be utter rubbish every year and the Stormers, Reds and Chiefs would be rubbish most years, and the Hurricanes would choke every year, and the Blues would be brilliant one year and awful the next three, and the Brumbies would 27 phase their way to success for a few seasons and then fall by the wayside, and the Crusaders would win all the time etc etc.

Time for a change came and went about 4 years ago.


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