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Thursday, April 08, 2010

NRL week 5 

Dragons v Broncos
Dragons by 18
This should be a shallacking. There are two teams that standout in the comp and the Dragons are one of them. The other is not the Broncos. If they did stand out it would be for being crap.

Titans v Storm
Storm by 6
I'll give the Titans some credit, they will easily make the 8 and they are a good side but that's about where it ends. Prince is out and with it any faint sniff they had.

Rabbitohs v Knights
Rabbitohs by 10
The Knights absolutely choked last week and their bright start to the year is starting to wear off. The Rabbitohs are starting to play like they were expected to so should dispatch the Knights. But I wouldn't be betting on it.

Bulldogs v Warriors
Bulldogs by 16
The Warriors are missing their three first choice captains (Mannering, Luck and Price) and their best player (Vatuvei). And they are on the road against a side they often struggle with. Not a shit show.

Cowboys v Tigers
Tigers by 6
When the Tigers get their tails up they seem like an unstoppable force. At some point though they will find themselves in a hole that they just can't get out of. I hope it isn't this week cos I'm tipping the bastards.

Sea Eagles v Sharks
Sea Eagles by 20
Yeah, so the Sharks won but it took an abomination of a performance by the Eels to help them. The Sea Eagles are going to hammer the shit out of them.

Panthers v Roosters
Panthers by 6
This is a hard one to pick. Both teams coming off the back of good performances last week. The Roosters have a 23 win 16 loss record at Panther Park but I just wonder about them and think the Panthers might crawl over the line.

Eels v Raiders
Eels by 10
Boy this will be the longest wait for redemption of all time for the Eels. They would have come off againstt he Sharks and wanted to play the next night. They were a disgrace, they fired no shots, appeared disinterested expecting the victory to just happen. The Raiders should face the backlash.



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