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Thursday, July 16, 2009

NRL week 18 

Broncos v Rabbitohs
Broncos by 8
Might be hard for the Broncos after THAT match as half their side is in out or in doubt but I reckon this will kick off a rocking round of football with everybody pumped up and ready to belt the crap out of everybody else. Broncos to give Queenslanders something to smile about.

Bulldogs v Titans
Bulldogs by 4
This should be a cracker but the Bulldogs have too many bullets and the Titans are flattering to decieve with their possie on the ladder.

Panthers v Raiders
Panthers by 6
This is a bloody lottery. It's Jekyll vs Hyde... or is that Hyde vs Jekyll? Tune in and find out.

Sharks v Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles by 4
The Sea Eagles got well and truly touched up last week but they weren't as bad as the score suggests (unfortunately). On Sharks home turf this should be a good stoush but the birdies will fall over the line.

Roosters v Warriors
Something might galvanise the Warriors soon into playing some football. The attitude is generally there but there's no x-factor with that dud Jones in the halves but maybe seeing your captain get laid out during the week will make them do something good for once. But I'm going with form and pick a 0-0 result.

Tigers v Cowboys
Tigers by 6
Thurston will probably have an absolute stormer but the Tigers may just have sorted their shit out. Or not.

Eels v Storm
Storm by 2
Hindmarsh's 250th game won't quite be enough to get the Eels home here. The Storm will have a few battered and bruised but they will have had 5 days rest so should take care of business.

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Would be interested in your thoughts for Tri Nations Opener. TAB has Australia at $2.15 and All Blacks at $1.65.
Hard to pick given the ABs rubbish form. McCaw always makes a big difference but he isn't fully fit and So'oialo has been out of form all year. Our first five is sometimes quite good and other times utter shit...

so after all that I would say the odds are a touch generous to the ABs but they should get over the line because of the venue and flak they have copped for their crap play previous.
Should have put the house on it... wound up taking the Australian's 1st half 2nd half double so lost me twenty bucks. Better than the random old codger sitting next to me at state of origin who put $4,000 on Queensland to win!

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