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Monday, July 06, 2009

What price democracy? 

People complaining of the cost of holding the justifiable-assault referendum should go and check their rates bill, power bill, or bank statement. Then they should shut the fuck up. They'll see that they are routinely charged for ineffectual or even insultingly poor service from most organisations that provide services to the public. The Electoral Commission is providing a very important service to the public in this referendum, it's called democracy people! Of course we may feel that it is ineffectual and the referendum question of insultingly poor quality, but for less than a monthly line maintenance charge voters can take part in the democratic process. At nine million dollars and four million people this referendum works out to roughly two buck fiddy per person. That is a bloody good price for turning on and running the electoral machine for a few months. Bloody good. That figure gives me confidence that in these recessionary times, at least democracy's maintenance folk aren't lined up in front of the razor gangs.

The referendum question is stupid. Let's move on. The referendum question has an explicit intent of conveying voter disagreement with the 2007 repeal/replacement of section 59 of the Crimes Act. The default question is then "Do you agree with the
2007 repeal/replacement of section 59 of the Crimes Act? I suggest anyone still wondering how to vote simply... read section 59 of the Crimes Act.


From what I can work out, there appears to be some unwritten code that all referendums have to be badly worded.
That's $6.58 for this household Chuck.

All so my wife and I can tell the government we don't want to hit our 3 year old.

They need to raise the number of signatures required to get these through.
Democracy in situations like this is for stupid people.

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