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Thursday, June 11, 2009

NRL Week 14 or Thereabouts 

Warriors v Knights
Warriors by 6
Apparently I have free tickets to this game, though I'm still waiting to find out where the hell I get them from so I'll go for the Warriors (since it's them that are giving them to me).

Broncos v Bulldogs
Broncos by 4
I hear there's more chance of pigs flying than this game taking place at the present moment.

Panthers v Sea Eagles
Panthers by 4
Oh god I hope so. The Sea Eagles are starting to get their game on and what a pity that is. Be good if the Panthers can keep them struggling to enter the 8 for another week or two.

Rabbitohs v Storm
Storm by 18
The Rabbitohs really have lost the plot. Without enthusiasm and confidence they've got nothing and right now they don't have much enthusiasm or confidence so I'll leave it for you to work out.

Roosters v Titans
Titans by 8
Something strange is telling me to tip the Roosters but the Titans are playing with too much energy at the moment and the Roosters are being coached by somebody who appears to be not a very good coach.

Dragons v Cowboys
Dragons by 2
This should be one of the better matches this round. The over rated Dragons v the unpredictable Cowboys. If Thurstons on it's game on. If not the Dragons will stumble over the line.

Raiders v Sharks
Raiders by 14
The Sharks flattered to deceive in the past couple of weeks. The Eels threw it away late and the Warriors threw it away early and yet the Sharks still needed a shitty handling display by an ordinary team to win last week. Raiders will put them to the sword.

Eels v Tigers
Eels by 8
The Eels have a new found confidence and are at home. That said the Tigers are surely due (I said that last week didn't I?) for a win. But I think they are hitting a pretty crap team at a bad time while they themselves are purely having a bad time.

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