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Saturday, June 20, 2009

We Are Fourth - Auckland Tribute 

Damn Str-8

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tis the weekend, time for some rockin good fun 


Thursday, June 11, 2009

NRL Week 14 or Thereabouts 

Warriors v Knights
Warriors by 6
Apparently I have free tickets to this game, though I'm still waiting to find out where the hell I get them from so I'll go for the Warriors (since it's them that are giving them to me).

Broncos v Bulldogs
Broncos by 4
I hear there's more chance of pigs flying than this game taking place at the present moment.

Panthers v Sea Eagles
Panthers by 4
Oh god I hope so. The Sea Eagles are starting to get their game on and what a pity that is. Be good if the Panthers can keep them struggling to enter the 8 for another week or two.

Rabbitohs v Storm
Storm by 18
The Rabbitohs really have lost the plot. Without enthusiasm and confidence they've got nothing and right now they don't have much enthusiasm or confidence so I'll leave it for you to work out.

Roosters v Titans
Titans by 8
Something strange is telling me to tip the Roosters but the Titans are playing with too much energy at the moment and the Roosters are being coached by somebody who appears to be not a very good coach.

Dragons v Cowboys
Dragons by 2
This should be one of the better matches this round. The over rated Dragons v the unpredictable Cowboys. If Thurstons on it's game on. If not the Dragons will stumble over the line.

Raiders v Sharks
Raiders by 14
The Sharks flattered to deceive in the past couple of weeks. The Eels threw it away late and the Warriors threw it away early and yet the Sharks still needed a shitty handling display by an ordinary team to win last week. Raiders will put them to the sword.

Eels v Tigers
Eels by 8
The Eels have a new found confidence and are at home. That said the Tigers are surely due (I said that last week didn't I?) for a win. But I think they are hitting a pretty crap team at a bad time while they themselves are purely having a bad time.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Vote Yes on Child Discipline Referendum 

Only a complete dickhead would beat their dog, so why make it legal to beat your kids?

Beating them harder won't make them learn better.

And if a good earflick followed by a roundhouse to the head never did you any harm as a kid, feel free to employ someone much bigger and stronger than you to continue bashing you as an adult.

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Problems at Mill 

The Warriors mill that is.

I won't go into detail about what's wrong as it's pretty fucking obvious. They have no attack whatsoever. OK, I'm exagerrating a bit. Sometimes they can pull out a close range barge over try and sometimes they can chip bomb to Vatuvei and score but that's it. Between the Warriors, Sharks, Roosters and Eels they should be convicted for crimes against their fans and the sport of rugby league.

And here's the statistical proof ... 10, 14, 12, 12, 11, 14, 17, 22, 16, 10, 26, 26. Those are their scores this year starting with the latest and heading back to the start of the year where they came in with a bit of confidence before Cleary got them playing Cleary ball as opposed to Warrior ball.

They are gone for 09. The top 8 has already worked itself out (Dragons, Broncos, Bulldogs, Knights, Cowboys, Storm, Panthers) with one from the Titans and Sea Eagles to take the 8th spot.

The rest will scrap it out to see who can deceive their fans into thinking they can play football and deserve to keep their coaching and playing spot for next season.

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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NRL Week umm.... 13? 

Tigers v Panthers
Tigers by 6
Could be a tight one because the Tigers really should have got much closer to the Warriors and Sheens is getting pretty grumpy watching them lose 4 straight. I'm going to pick slightly against form in this one because they'll have to turn things around soon.

Storm v Broncos
Storm by 8
A funny clash to have straight after Origin. It'll be the Queensland team playing itself. I guess that evens things out a bit. Might be a bit tough on the Brisbane boys though who will fly back to Brisbane I presume and then back down to Melbourne a day later. Surely not? Home team to be more organised for the win though.

Sea Eagles v Roosters
Sea Eagles by 22
Gee, this one looks hard to pick.

Cowboys v RabbitohsCowboys by 10
The Rabbitohs are starting to play a bit loose and should suffer for it up in Townsville. Provided Thurston comes out of Origin injury free he has shown he can back up and play great footie. The Rabbitohs ship should start to take on a bit more water this weekend.

Sharks v Warriors
Warriors by 2
This should be a very ordinary game. I have a feeling the Sharks may cut loose a bit (however they will still be the most boring side in the comp), but they are up against a warriors team with a sleep inducing attack themselves who much prefer to grind teams down. It'll come down to who wants it more (or less).

Knights v Eels
Knights by 8
The Knights are a bit of an irresistable force at the moment. They don't quite have the team to bank on week in and week out but Smith has them playing so well as a team that they should knock over his old joint with Hagan at the helm.

Titans v Dragons
Titans by 4
Hmmmmm, dependable Titans v in form Dragons. Somebody's night will end in tears. Hopefully the white booted show ponies.

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