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Friday, May 08, 2009

Social drugs 

Men who brew vast amounts of beer (and also hawk wine and RTDs, etc.) are given knighthoods. Pillars of the community. Product enjoyed widely, including by police.

Men who grow a plant or two of weed get raided by the police, and their property and liberty is constantly under threat. Once in a while these men are either lunatics, or really keen on resisting state disregard for their autonomy and property rights.

Police don't get shot raiding breweries or vineyards.



Police probably got shot during the prohibition years dc, although I guess that might be your point.

BTW, I see the offender in question is Dutch. More proof that growing up below sea-level can do your head in.
Absolutely! Legalise....

Watch the politicians defer to the Police commissioned 'BERL' Drug Harms report where the entire police interdiction 'expendature' is attributed to the pharmacology of cannabis, and nill weighting is given to protection from unreasonable intrusion of the state.

There is no such thing as a'low risk' cannabis interdiction.

Police described this 'visit' as 'innocuous' - IF CANNABIS IS SO INNOCUOUS then change the bloody law you twerps.

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