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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yamis 2009 Round One NRL Tipping Mayhem Begins 

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. I will be joined by my colleagues bennyasena (who is going to get a bit more elaborate on yo ass) and dc_red in wrecking shit in 09.

But to see me against my deadliest rivals click here and then meet in the forum to bitch slap like bitches. Slapping.

I'm going to kick the ball off here and now.

Arguably Round One is the hardest round to pick of the season on the surface of it. You have to go on previous form (from 5-6 months ago) and account for any major player movements in or out of the respective sides. But no fucken excuses aye!

Broncos v Cowboys
Broncos by 2
The Cowboys will have a lot to prove after a hideous 2008. But then again so do the Broncos after saying goodbye to dad, Wayne Bennett. The Broncos have acquired Israel Folau and will also feature names like Weinstein, Glenn, Yeh, Kenny, Gorrell and Te'o so there's a bit of a fresh flavour to the side. The Cowboys look stronger on paper (though they looked pretty good there last year too) with some good signings and it should make the game a cracker with the Cowboys having the talent to blow the Broncos apart if they get going. But home advantage with a new coach sees me favour them by a nose.

Storm v Dragons
Storm by 8
The Dragons have become slightly more likeable with Bennett as coach, so now I just despise them rather than loathe them. For a couple of weeks anyway. Storm should shag them though a part of me wants to see their wee 'dynasty' end so I can laugh at Leg Break now and then.

Bulldogs v Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles by 8
The Bulldogs have added a few good signings including Kimmorley and (psychopath) Ennis while the Sea Eagles are reasonably settled (on the field at least) in terms of playing lineups. The off-field stuff may just give the Bulldogs a look in psychologically but surely the same players who smashed the Storm and Warriors in 08 will show up again.

Warriors v Eels
Warriors by 14
No worries.

Sharks v Panthers
Sharks by 12
Similar looking lineups to last season. The Panthers were hot and cold all year while the Sharks were cold to watch but know how to win ugly. More of the same in 09 I bet zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Titans v Knights
Titans by 2
The Titans have used the off season to get over all their bloody injuries and will field a side similar to what got them going places in the first half of 08. The Knights are a team that has been on the rise with lots of no names but I think they could be a darkhorse for the playoffs. If not then there will be another big cull before they start again. It's now or never for this lineup.

Roosters v Rabbitohs
Roosters by 10
Much as I'd like the Rabbitohs to have a decent season because they have such a cute little team I can't see them doing much unless they play a helter skelter style of play ala the Tigers in 05. I doubt their coach will have the balls to go for it though and he will consign them to making up the numbers and avoiding the last couple of spots on the ladder.

Tigers v Raiders
Tigers by 6
An even looking lineup without a hell of a lot of superstars but lots of good quality footballers on show. Home ground advantage wins again here until I've seen them lay something down on the paddock.

and that's that.

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Given that their main rivals will be in prison for most of the season, the Storm will continue the dynasty.

Hear that? Melbourne carries on Rugby League dynasty.

BTW, where's the link to the other tipping comp?
Don't rush me. Tonights the only fucking night I get off each week thanks to meetings, cricket games, practices and general school wankery wrecking my drinking life.

Not to mention there was nothing to link to when I posted!!!

but let the editing now commence...
This sounds a bit lame, but I agree with every one of Yamis' picks.

By which I mean I independently reached the same conclusions, fools.

As for a lesser-known tipster (above) picking the Cowboys, the Rabbits, and the Raiders ... well, let's just say he's not going to have any drinking money at the end of that.

If the Cowboys and the Raiders were playing in the same matchups at home I'd probably pick them, but they're not. And FFS the Bunnies don't have a chance home or away.

The pick I'm least confident about is Bulldogs v. Sea Eagles, but I'm still guessing that Manly has the edge. Pretty close to a 50/50 call. Come to think of it, I'm going to predict a draw.

Potential blowouts: Cronulla over Penrith and the Tigers over the Raiders.
"this sounds a bit lame...but I agree with every one of Yamis' picks" an understatement.

DC Red, what will you do when Yamis inevitably jumps of a bridge?

Leg Break might be a rugby-league halfwit but at least he has his own opinions, however uninformed.
You're a constant comfort, anonymous.

I don't see Yamis throwing himself off the Upper Harbour Highway bridge when he scoops 8/8 this weekend.
I note the Dogs stuffed Manly - woohoo.

And those Rabbitohs. What a magnificent result.

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