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Saturday, March 07, 2009

NZ Sevens team 

I know that Sevens doesn't really matter for shit but for NZ it must be slightly embarrasing to be outclassed by a side like Wales and knocked out of the World Cup quarterfinals.

I mean we look absolutely hopeless.

We are a country that has a HUUUUUUGE touch scene in summer and is flowing now into sevens rugby before the rugby season kicks off proper (I'm excluding the Super 14 because quite frankly who gives a shit, it's still cricket season - albeit a wet one).

Surely we can produce very good sevens sides. The sides I have seen repping NZ recently are well organised but on the talent front they are utter shit.

And I mean utter shit.

Slow, cumbersome, average club footballer shit.

I don't know what sort of side Wales are putting together for this stuff but given that they are in the middle of a 6-Nations competition I'd doubt it's that flash. maybe they have called on a lot of professional players in the same way NZ would if we had test matches on and nothing else. I'm sure we could get together a 'name' side if we said all Super 14 players were available outside ABs but all the same.... we are utter shit.

On a brighter note, fuck rugby union. The real rugby is about to begin.

A competition which knows when to begin.

The NRL.

Look below for the bennyasena lowdown on where to put your money. He's a pro, and I'm a ho. Ho' for league fo' life!

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