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Friday, March 13, 2009

NRL round 1 - bringing home the bacon 

Alrighty kids, here are the tips that are going to literally bring home the bacon.

Yamis has done a fine round 1 round up below - albeit the gambling community is heavily favoring the Cowboys to trump the Broncos... 

Like he says round 1 is the most difficult to accurately tip. 

Teams that are having their season's chances talked up around the traps are the Sharks/Warriors/Storm and Manly.

Last weekend's pre-season launch for Manly must have gone down as one of the least successful of any team, in any code, ever. 

Players punching sponsors, abusing women, and that was just at the official launch....the behaviour later went downhill. 

This "journalism" covering the issue must be the biggest piece of shit I've ever seen in the Sydney Morning Herald. For shame. 

Now into the action:

Bet 1:


$10  @ 69.4 

Bet 2:

Titans/Titans halftime/fulltime
Storm head to head
Cowboys/Cowboys halftime/fulltime


Bet 3:

Sharks 13+

$10@ 16.30

Bet 4:

Warriors/Warriors halftime/fulltime
Sharks/Sharks halftime/fulltime
Nth Queensland +3.5
$10 @ 5.57

Bet 5:

Warriors penalty goal: 1st scoring play
Titans/Titans halftime/fulltime
Sharks/Sharks halftime/fulltime
Wests/Raiders halftime/fulltime

$10 @ 189.5

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The Cowboys and the Rabbitohs??

A couple went VERY close but no cigar this week.

I did enjoy trying to watch the Warriors replay on Prime in quite the state.
The huge number of draws at half/fulltime undid me...

Only way off on the Bulldogs though.

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