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Saturday, February 28, 2009

You Muthafuckas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Looking at our website viewer stats and it seems that we are on track to receive our lowest unique viewer numbers since 2005. In fact it won't even be close. The heydays are over where we used to average 65 unique vistors a day. We are now averaging 36 a day.

I'm telling my mum you sad mo fuckers!!!!

Seriously, you know what this comes down to? Me getting a fulltime job. What a disgrace they are. Dial up Work and Income.


We could always start blogging about Britney?

I'll get one started.
Nah, what we really need is a good celebrity drug scandal. Preferably involving former sportspeople currently moonlighting as C-grade TV personalities.

"SCANDAL! Local minor celebrities enjoy recreational drugs as much as everyone else"
A crap season from the Warriors should help
You make me famous dc, and I'll supply the drugs scandal.
Ahh man. I've just come off the plane having had to hitch-hike my ass to the airport in Cuba. And what do I return to? Continuing economic chaos and the B.I.R. count being the shits.

Well that's decided then I'm heading back to Cuba, that land of $0.20 cheeseburgers and $0.05 milkshakes.

Things make sense there, at least.
How much do the cigars cost Bob?
For you, buddy I could get you a special deal...I know a guy who know's a guy.

But the ones on the national market, ones rolled by farmer Pepe, go for about $0.05 a piece. But the brand name stuff, now that will set you back. A box of Cohibas starts at about $300 USD
And they say Communism doesn't work!!!

20 cent burgers, 5 cent shakes and 5 cent cigars proves that wrong in half a dozen words!!!

Now if they could just start playing test cricket and rugby league I'd consider buggaring off there to teach.

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