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Saturday, February 28, 2009

They can't cycle under water, John 

A bunch of rich-looking white guys got together to think about how to save yo' jobs. They produced three ideas: 1/ Cutting your working hours, and your pay, by 10%; 2/ The government borrowing money (from whom, I wonder) to give to business (quelle surprise); and 3/ A length-of-the-country cycleway.

The biggest problem here: how exactly will the hundreds-of-thousands of cash-rich cycle-mad tourists cross Auckland Harbour? 'Cos they sure can't go across the bridge.

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Across the Upper Harbour Bridge/Highway (I think there is room down the right hand side heading south), linking nicely with the northwestern which has a cycle lane into the city.

The Cook Strait may pose more of a problem. Floaties attached to the spokes?

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