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Thursday, November 06, 2008

National Scores Goal and Concedes Own Goal 

I notice around West Auckland lots of National billboards featuring Paula Bennett and John Key together. On many of them they have splayed a large green sticker over Paula Bennett saying "A proud westie". Funny they should make a deal out of that when John Key, next to her in the billboard, is running for Helensville but lives in Epsom and has never lived in West Auckland. In fact I'm wondering if he even knows where his office is in Huapai. I can give him directions if he's forgotten.

Maybe a little more thought into trying to score points next time aye folks?

And getting my tip in early, National is going to wipe the floor with Labour. I'm tipping they may get enough votes to govern alone. Possibly needing a couple from ACT.

And then we can watch as Labour lite basically slightly undermines everything Labour has done in the past 9 years and not much else.

It's time for change and a brighter future. Although we aren't going to change anything and have no idea how we are going to make the future any brighter.

On another note, if you ever wondered about the herald readership online.... political commentators were calling the 'debate' last night as a win for Clark. But an online Herald survey had 75% of repondents saying Key won it. brrrrrrrt.

I propose that all future polls ask 2 questions. 1) which political party did you last vote for followed by the survey question. That would then make the results of their surveys way the fuck more informative.

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