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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Lickspittle Herald Watch, part i 

Transport Minister on the buses already proclaims the breathless New Zealand Herald, welcoming Steven Joyce, a guy no one's ever heard of, to his new portfolio.

Later in the article it expands on the headline with the following revelation: "Mr Joyce volunteered that he had just ridden the Northern Busway in recent days and had a positive experience."

Well fuck me.

It subsequently transpires that this was the trip in question, one-way from the city to the North Shore, was the first Mr Joyce has taken in a long time (in living memory perhaps).

Now with the Crown Limo at his service I doubt he'll be venturing forth on public transport again for a while.

But yes you read it in the Herald first: "New, really rich, Transport Minister caught bus once"

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Don't worry DC, only 8 years and 350 odd days to go of the National-led government.

What no Black Caps coverage? Aussie are 152/7 and I am not moving for fear of jinxing any success (probably jinxed by this comment now).
Yeah dc, where's all the cricket posts?

Thanks Dinkas. Stay right where you are.

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