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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Black Caps suck again 

Yup it's true they do they do they do. It's enough to break your fucking heart. Soundly beaten by a shit team. Bangladesh take an seven fucking wicket victory and with it ruin our hopes of an elevation, however temporary, to the number two spot on the ICC ODI rankings. How fucking humiliating. You want to be the number two team in the world boys? Little things like beating the number nine team in the world help, aye? Dumbasses.

In brighter news, oh, that's right, there is no brighter news. This makes everything completely shit.

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It's part of Bracewell's master plan. He's just realised there's this thing called "test cricket" that he'd forgotten about for several years. So he's lulling Bangladesh into a false sense of security before we waste them in the tests 1-1.

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