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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Fish food 

More sympathetic Sunday newspaper coverage for "disgraced" Tony Veitch, although in this case it's probably noteworthy. Reading between the lines - and noticing the conspicuous absence of the "s-word" - it sounds like he was reasonably close to becoming food for the fishes at nearby Goat Island (depending on a southerly current).

This said, there are more sympathetic characters around, like this poor bastard - the only NZ First MP I would have considered giving my electorate vote to.

And in other Sunday news, the media metaphor of the month is back again: now Coddington is complaining the critique of her miserable "Asian angst" article was the "media equivalent of gang rape." Err, no, you just fucked up big time ... and today's two-years-too-late apology to "those members of the Asian community who are not engaged in criminal activity" (all 4% of them, presumably) just doesn't cut it. Yet again, anonymous bloggers are partly to blame in Coddington's fevered imagination - y'know people who hide behind pseudonyms, like her chief blogging critic, Keith Ng.

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The classic, possibly clichéd, Cry For Help.

He was never going to go through with the “S” word. It’s all about the Look at Me act.

Showering 3 times a night indeed.

Got to feel sorry for people having to sell their second home for $1m to make ends meet though…
Yeah, but his equity in that home might have been next to nothing. Likely he had to sell it because the mortgage was $800,000+ and he couldn't quite make the monthly repayments anymore.
His father-in-law probably fronted up with a bit of equity.

He might be chewing through the power though with 3 showers a night.

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