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Thursday, July 31, 2008

My league tips 

A decent week with 6 out of 8. Mind you, everybody got there or thereabouts.

I'll just update my inconsistency stats for the hell of it and since it's easy to do now. If you missed the explanation the first time they are the number of times a team has alternated from a win to a loss or a loss to a win in consecutive weeks. So most inconsistent are at the top.

Eels 10
Broncos 9
Panthers 9
Titans 9
Raiders 9
Warriors 9
Storm 9
Sharks 9
Tigers 9
Bulldogs 8
Knights 8
Roosters 8
Dragons 7
Sea Eagles 6
Rabbitohs 4
Cowboys 2

So what that basically shows is that the only consistent teams are the ones that lose all the time (Rabbitohs and Cowboys). Everybody else, even the top sides like the Sharks and Storm are as inconsistent as the Warriors, they have just had the odd time where they have won 5 or so in a row compared to the Warriors losing of a few in a row. There haven't been the big winning streaks from many teams except Manly with 7, Dragons with 7, Storm with 5, Sharks with 5, Rabbitohs with 5, and several teams with 4.

I'm going with the home team in 6 of the 8 games but they are the higher ranked teams. For some reason around this time of the year you get lots of upsets (desperate teams I suppose) but then in the last month the upsets dry up a bit. I hope so because I need all the correct picks I can get.

Sea Eagles v Panthers
Sea Eagles by 10
Sea Eagles to get the train back on the rails. Was it a wakeup call last week that they will answer or did they start to realise they just aren't that shit hot afterall?

Storm v Titans
Storm by 28
The Titans confidence will be rock bottom and the Storm will be a bit pissed. Crockett suffering his FIRST EVER loss in a Storm jersey apparently. It should be no contest whatsoever.

Sharks v Dragons
Sharks by 8
There's probably some weird stat that I don't know about like the Sharks not having beaten the Dragons at Shark Park in 6 years or some shit, but they should be too tough for a Dragons team that has been a bit off colour recently, probably to do with the pink shirts they wore.

Cowboys v Roosters
Roosters by 18
At some stage the Cowboys will surely win a game, but probably not this one unless the Roosters take the week off after winning one they weren't supposed to.

Rabbitohs v Warriors
Warriors by 6
The Warriors will be out for some revenge after last time where they refused to tackle and the Rabbits ran them ragged up the guts, outwide, fucken anywhere they liked. The Rabbits could trouble them again if they play an expansive game and handle the ball well but the Warriors must surely have the confidence to come out with the two points.

Tigers v Bulldogs
Tigers by 8
Meow beats woof in this one. The Dogs don't have anybody left in their club do they?

Broncos v Raiders
Broncos by 10
The Raiders will feel like league is easy after last week but should find a team that wants to tackle in this one. Broncos have been very up and down this year and will need to go with the former if they don't want to slide out of the playoffs with a big chasing pack.

Knights v Eels
Knights by 2
I hope so because I really don't like the Eels much. And with the coaches its a bit like the league version of Deans v Henry.


Apart from the Warriors match (your common weakness) a pretty good week for you Yamis?

Oh, and the Dogs margin of course.
The Warriors are no weakness of mine. From memory that's only about the third time from 19 that I've tipped them wrong, so I'm about 85% correct for them. If Tuimavave had caught that pass in front of the sticks it would have been 8/8. BASTARD!

If I knew all teams as well as I know them I could go well and truly professional. None of this 58% shit.

I've got them to win this weekend though. Its a stand up game for them and they close to the best side of the season taking the field against a team they probably lift more for than any other.

So 30 point, season ending loss then.

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