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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lil' Red 

Well, for the past 9 days I've preferred parenting to blogging (and working for that matter), as we welcomed Lil' Red into the world.

He's a man of strong opinions, particularly when it comes to milk, which he devours in vast quantities. Like last night, when he was only satiated after four hours of feeding. Institutionalized gluttony in my view.

As his name suggests, he will be a red if his father has anything to do with it (Hat tip to Richard Dawkins on that one). Various shades of green might also be acceptable.

Well, better get back to it. There's nappies to wash.

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My little one dropped the smelliest poo I've ever had the misfortune to be near this afternoon. It actually went through my obligatory shirt gas mask and damn near killed me.

Yamis, was that really necessary?

Congrats dc_red.

Don’t worry about the name etc; just make sure he becomes an opening batsman.
Or can throw the ball straight into a lineout (or crooked into a Warriors scrum).
Cheers guys. I am already trying to teach him to grab things with his left hand. Will soon be chucking cricket balls at him no doubt.

The goal of course being to create a left-handed opening batsman in the Richardson mold.

But starting his illustrious international career at say 21, not 30-odd or whatever Rigor was.
A preference for the Hand of the Devil at such a young age...

Even better :)
Oi dc,

Time to come out of hibernation now..

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