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Monday, July 07, 2008

The Elliott run-out 

Mark Richardson is a better cricket player than cricket thinker. He is way off the mark comparing Paul Collingwood's decision to appeal for a run-out of Grant Elliott to Brendon McCullum's run-out of Muralitharan. (Murali had left his crease again, after completing a run that had seen his partner Sangakarra make a century, while the ball was still in play.)

Grant Elliot had no opportunity to preserve his wicket because he was taken out of play by an opposition player.
Murali had every opportunity to preserve his wicket by simply remembering the rules of cricket.

There is a world of difference Rigor.

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Yeh yer right there is a clear difference but Pig is still a douchebag for the way he responded to Richardson.

The biggest toolbag of the lot however is the person in NZC that leaked it to the media.

It's an ugly look for a struggling sport in a small pool of sport celebs. If it wasn't for Veitchy demonstrating the rule of thumb with his ex it'd have lingered in the papers longer.

Full points to Andrew Mulligan for dropping smart arse remarks about texting into TCGW last night.
Mullet has been winding Rigor up in a few places this week, including the Veitch thread on the Sportsfreak forum..

It does have to be someone at NZC who leaked it to the media, it could have been Rigor himself.
I beg Michael Vaughan's pardon, I had him confused for Paul Collingwood in the post,now corrected.

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