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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Economic terrorism 

That's what it will be if the truck drivers' tax rebellion produces the "paralysis" (John Campbell, 3 July 2008) the media is salivating for.

People are being told to stay home. Right, and at whose expense would this unscheduled day off be? If it's mine, the truck drivers are stealing my annual leave. If it's my work, they're stealing my employer's money - via my salary - as surely as if they embezzled it directly.

People are being told to go in to work after 11 am. Right, and if I work in a shop, who is going to serve the customers earlier in the day? Oh, that's right, said customers won't be there ... to the detriment of hard-working business owners and their employees. Again, the truck drivers might as well just reach right into the tills and steal the morning's cash taking, and siphon the eftpos sales directly into their fucking diesel accounts.

Those with early morning flights are being told to consider staying at airport hotels overnight. Right, and to which trucker should I send the invoice for said accommodation? What that's ... you expect it to come out of my post-tax salary? Get to fuck! Perhaps if I don't like paying the GST on said hotel bill, or the taxes of fuel I will use to get there, I could just park my car sideways across a couple of lanes of the airport motorway, and walk to my departure gate?

Bus passengers are going to be ejected on the city edge and told to hoof it, regardless of (dis)ability or weather. And it would be a long fucking hike from John Andrew Ford on Gt North Rd to my workplace.

And the Police seem entirely complicit in this terrorizing of the civilian population.

Where's that pepper spray when you need it, you spineless fucks? Break into the first 10 truck cabs that appear in the downtown convoy and break a few fucking heads, I say.

If it's good enough for the proletarians it's good enough for tax rebels in the petite bourgeoisie.

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Update #1: The terrorists stole my sleep this morning, as I arose at the unnatural hour of 0620.

Departed at 0700, and made it to the city by 0735. I'd say that's very close to the mean for a journey from my place at that time, despite RNZ railing about an early start to the peak.

The biggest inconvenience was 3 "Reliant Trucking" terrorists driving slowly (50kph) in the fast lane. So much for the "drivers will occupy the left lane only to minimize inconvenience and disruption" on the news last night.

The second biggest inconvenience was that one of my windscreen wipers crapped out while it was raining.

I'm off for a coffee, and then a look at the brazen bastards hurting business and labour on Queen St. More later.
Update #2: It's all class on Queen St right now.

One truck bore a sign: "Helen Kahui: Who Killed New Zealand?"

Nothing like using the murder of two infants to make a point during a tax rebellion.

Also, they rolled through the pedestrian crossing over Queen St (the one near Aotea Square) as me and a group of others were legally crossing.

Rodney "one percent and loving it" Hide, and Maurice "fuckwit" Williamson were standing nearby, the former waving to the tax rebels, the latter muttering "unprecedented" to no one in particular.

Hey, National, what's your policy on RUCs (that's Road User Charges, not the Royal Ulster Constabulary)? Just there for a few cheap votes, or do you actually have a policy other than building a new prison?
Update #3: As reported in my first update, truckers are deliberately blocking motorways.

Photo here:
well just be thankful you don't live too close to a motorway. I'm about 200m away from where the Wgtn motorway approaches the Terrace Tunnel.

The tootling truckies woke me at about 7 this morning. On my day off, with a hangover!

And they're still going.


Hanging's too good for 'em. I say give 'em a hefty kick in the balls.
Update #4:

'National attacked the Government yesterday over increased road-user charges and a law passed last night allowing regional fuel taxes to fund large capital projects - but won't say it would undo them.'

Same old, same old on that front then.

More evidence that National is as full of shit as ever:

'Mr Duynhoven scoffed at a suggestion by Mr Williamson that it could push up the running cost of a 20-tonne truck by $56,000 a year. "I am advised that for that figure to be even remotely possible, the most common type of 20-tonne truck would need to travel at an average of 330km/h - that is, over 200 miles an hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What utter twaddle."'
here here, add to those costs the RUC which will be passed on to customers and retailers, and the environmental externalities lumped on the rest of society and you have a right royal rort. I hope they choke on their own fumes, dumb oakies.

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