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Monday, June 30, 2008

Tough times? What tough times? 

It was a chilly, blustery Saturday when I was summoned to Westgate Shopping Centre at the end of the northwestern motorway. First stop was a quick moccachino, and from inside the cafe I quickly appraised myself, and Mrs_Red, of our surroundings.

First, the parking lot was full. We're talking jammed to capacity here. Luckily for us, we had secured what appeared to be the last space, without any trouble at all.

Second, vehicles in said lot were generally of a high quality: relatively new, clean, look-like-they-are-fun-to-drive models. Most looked far superior to ours, that's for sure.

Third, people were out shopping with a vengeance. $4 moccachinos weren't the half of it. Every shop seemed to be doing a roaring trade.

Last, the drivers and shoppers referred to in the preceding points seemed relatively cheerful, inclement weather (which had no doubt attracted many to Westgate in the first instance) notwithstanding.

Which made me wonder, really ... where's this recession we're hearing about. Upon relating said observations to Mrs_Red, she responded: "the media wants there to be a recession, so National will get into power. And even if there isn't one, they want people to think there's a recession, which will achieve the same result."

It was about this time that Paula Bennett, MP, former McCully acolyte and self-described as "currently based in Waitakere" (words which suggest less a diehard commitment to the people of West Auckland than a latent desire to return to her native North Shore), drove past in her ridiculous advert-vehicle. Actually, she was a passenger, some bloke was driving.

I resolved that if she came into the cafe, I was going to invite her to open her eyes to our surroundings, and then reflect on whether National's constant bagging of the economy (best supporting actor: the media) was really justified.

But she didn't.

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There is a recession. But it's a global one, so it's wrong to blame the gummint for it.

But what I am starting to get annoyed with this gummint about is the overbearing Killjoy attitude that's smothering us.

1. Jimmy Cowan. As you said on Sportsfreak, why get upset about this?? He got drunk and made a dick of himself. We all do that.

2. The woman who got medical tape put over her face in the OAP home.

Now that's funny. Not nice, but apparently she often did it to herself anyway to stop her dribbling, and because she was a foul-mouthed mad troll.

When I'm in that state, I'd be pissed off if the people whose life I was enjoying making a misery of did not get some enjoyment out of gagging me.

And I'd enjoy it too.
You're right about the overbearing killjoy attitudes abounding in this country, LB. I blame the sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, alcohol-has-never-touched-these-lips media (see most recent post).
Ah yes, the national hand-wringing when a 25 year-old gets pissed and lippy. I couldn’t bring myself to listen to Deaker last night, but I’m sure he’d have been noting this is confirmation we live in a society in its death throws.

And now we’re not allowed ads for fun stuff during kids programmes and we’re not allowed to laugh when a mad old bat gets taped up. What next? Ban The Young Ones from our screens?

This country could do with some philandering drunk running the country like we had all throughout the 80s. Looking around, the only person I can find who would fit the bill is the Minister of Foreign Affairs. :)
"This country could do with some philandering drunk running the country like we had all throughout the 80s."

Geoffrey Palmer was a significant break from tradition, wasn't he!?
I always forget about the Palmer Era.

I never understood why he went into politics; having to deal with all those people with an IQ of < 140. Must’ve been such a drag.

I often see him around Wellington. Such a sensible man; striding home in his sensible grey suit and very sensible walking shoes. No doubt pondering the latest legal conundrum.

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