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Thursday, May 29, 2008

NRL Week 12 

Broncos v Eels
Broncos by 8
Broncos a bit ordinary at times recently and an Eels team which has the ability to do OK but have to stick with the home town heroes.

Raiders v Sea Eagles
Sea Eagles by 10
A potential upset here. But the Sea Eagles should be pumped to not lose two in a row.

Storm v Bulldogs
Storm by 6
Another game which could throw up an upset especially in SBW looks to really dominate. Hell though, the Storm are legends in their own lunchtime.

Cowboys v Panthers
Cowboys by 10
Strictly going with venue here. If it was in the mountains I'd be going the other way.

Knights v Warriors
Knights by 16
Fuck. Warriors just don't have a very good team. I have to question what the fuck has happened in the off season to take a top 4 team with one more years experience under their belts to a side which now looks like it'll be lucky to be sniffing the 8 late in the year. I know they are missing McKinnon and Price but other teams miss key players at times and they don't concede 31 points a game (the next worst is 25.6 by Souths). Last year they only let in 18 pointsa game and if you look at the figures that count defence is clearly more important than attack in winning you games. The Warriors have scored 7 more tries than the Sharks but are 8 places below them on the ladder.

They need to find that hot streak soon or they'll be pulling out the calculators of doom before long.

Rabbitohs v Dragons
Dragons by 4
I would early love the Bunnies to win this and the erratic efforts by the Dragons could see it. However the white shoed show ponies should have a bit too much class (if you could call being a c*nt 'classy').

Sharks v Titans
Sharks by 4
Another one that could go either way. I have to look at venue though to help me with this one.

Roosters v Tigers
Roosters by 6
A possibly entertaining game here. Roosters were clinical last week albeit a lot from kicks. Tigers responded to rocket from Sheens. Roosters should close it out though (I hope they don't)

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The Dogs are going to get smashed.
More dodgy betting going on I see once word seeped out to a few in the know about SBW being out injured and rumours of one or two others.

Not much they can do about it really but the players need to be gagged as it's obviously them and management saying it to mates, partners etc who in turn tell their mates who go offload some big money.

I suppose it's no different though to the betting agencies who would be privy to that sort of information when the general public isn't all the time so I suppose what goes around comes around.

As for the guy who put the $100K on the Murdering Religious Bigots, the Storm and the Knights..

Well fancy the Warrios fucking that up...
The Knights were bloody awful. I was thinking towards the end of the game that of every side in the NRL there were probably only a couple that we could have beaten with that performance (Souths and that Knights effort).

It was our lucky night but it might just spark something a bit more hopeful. Last year they lost 6 straight including losing 4-2 at home to the Storm reserve team before grinding out a 12-2 away win away to the sharks in that hurricane that saw their season go from a 4win-8loss record to a 9win-1draw-2loss record over the remainder of the year.

Without Witt, McKinnon and a fully fit Price that ain't going to happen though. But bloody hell the comp is even more even than usual. Piss all between 2nd and 14th.

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