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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Like fuck I do 

A quick story from my visit to Vancouver a few weeks back. I was in a department store buying a phone card at the electronics desk. Sort out what card I want, the denomination, etc., no problem - the checkout girl rings it up then asks "Would you like to donate a dollar to the Olympics?"

What? Donate my post-tax income to a multi-billion dollar commercial enterprise, awash with corporate sponsorship, lavish facilities, and astronomically lucrative TV rights? I don't fucking think so honey. What other hard-pressed and needy causes do shops think I might want to "donate" my money to? Coca-cola? British Petroleum? Haliburton? The National Party?

FFS ... the very concept of a "donation" implies a worthy cause. Not the fucking Olympics.

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Wellington had its annual rescue helicopter street appeal recently to raise funds for their continued good work.

The Wellington rescue helicopter has Westpac as its major sponsor.
I wonder why Westpac, with all its billions in profit, can't adequately fund the helicopter that bears its name rather than asking its customers and the general public to help out.

Sponsorship is a farce.

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