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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The dawning of a new... d'oh! 

New Zealand take an honourable draw from the first Test of their three-match England tour. The senior pro's contribute with some memorable innings and an excellent man-of the match bowling display.
Pretty good stuff...

In the second New Zealand wins the toss and elects to bat.
Our rookie openers put on an 80 run stand, the best in a long bloody while.
Our number four batsman anchors the innings. Having watched a partner get his teeth smashed by a rising delivery he contributes to a century fifth-wicket partnership, a 89 run seventh wicket partnership and takes the Black Caps to 381 with a brilliant 154no.
Stern stuff!

We then bowl England out for 202.
Oh ho ho. This is, like, it. This IS the moment we've stayed loyal for through so many fucking years.
And then...

What the fuck happened? What part of winning don't we get?
You don't get a better match situation. You don't find better form. To lose, to be beaten, from that point, having played that way, beggars belief.

I join my voice with DC Red in again proclaiming "bracewell sucks shit". That said, no coach is that bad that they can do that to a team in a single day. The team needs to answer for this and bracewell has more than enough to answer for already. I think the problem is in their heads...

Kudos to McCullum, he could be a Sangakarra in the making on current form. There's a world of difference between his competent confidence and the others' incompetent rashness, and the difference is in the nature of the confidence. McCullum's confidence seems to be deep-rooted, he honestly believes he is up to the standard of an excellent batsman and he allows opposition players to test themselves against him. I contrast this with the bravado that our other players (and bracewell) call confidence. Bravado is a reaction to insecurity, so it lacks that deep-rooted, clear-headed resolve. Instead it is desperate and it means that our batsmen go out there to be tested, rather than test the opposition.

We can only hope that the boys become men on this tour.



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