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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Darth Watch: change is bad 

At least Darth's writing on something vaguely topical and non-Biblical this week: the Kahui case. He makes a few strange observations about the Police (who used to be "honourable" but also fond of "kick[ing] arse"), throws in some vague sexism (these same police now "kowtow to their political mistresses"), and bemoans political correctness (code for anything the right wing doesn't like) as per usual.

Towards the conclusion, he actually defends "two fundamental principles of our legal system - double jeopardy and the right to silence."

"Wow, how enlightened" you might be thinking. Well, err, no: these principles are merely a subset of the old laws Darth supports. Others include the criminal prohibition of abortion, homosexuality and prostitution; refusal of the state to recognize same-sex unions and grant divorces; and the hard-fought right of the wealthy to seek to buy elections.

"We seem to think that by changing the law we can make okay that which is not okay" says Darth.

Some of us can actually appreciate that sometimes a law change may advance the cause of human freedom, while other times it detracts from it. Nuanced I know.



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