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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Week 7 picks 

Broncos v Souths
Brisbane by 16
This is the no brainer of the year. If the Rabbits lose by less than 20 they'll have done well.

Cowboys v Storm
Cowboys by 4
This should be a cracker because the Storm had a rocket fired up them by Bellamy last week and he won't accept another effort like that. Problem is the Cowboys are shit hot at the moment so one team will have to give.

Dragons v Roosters
Roosters by 8
Roosters looked stuffed in the second half as the UNDER-RATED Knights came storming home. They will surely bounce back against a rabble Dragons outfit, although the last 15 minutes v the Dogs MAY have given them a clue about how to play football.

Sea Eagles v Bulldogs
Sea Eagles by 10
Hopefully both teams lose but as that's not possible I hope the Sea Eagles win by 10 and lose half their team to season ending injuries.

Sharks v Tigers
Sharks by 6
A smallish team with a nice style (though not the same since losing Prince to the Titans and Marshall to the hospital waiting room) versus a biggish team with a borish style. I'll have to go with muscle here.

Titans v Warriors
Titans by 7
The Titans must surely win this one, especially after I called the Warriors to suffer certain defeats to the Cowboys and Titans two weeks ago. But the Warriors will be motivated (won't they?) and I think the Titans will suit them a bit more as they are a team playing well but without the zip zips (Slater, Stewart, Bowen, Thurston...) that usually have a field day versus us.


Hmm, all three Queensland teams playing at home ... there's three easy games to pick.

Pretty much agree with you Yamis.




Sea Eagles



You guys are mad.
C'mon LB, next thing we'll have all the bloody Eels fans round this site, complaining we didn't pick their team either.

Oh, hang on.... ;-)
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