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Monday, April 07, 2008

Bobbies bumble, Brits bugger Beijing build-up 

Good on them. The coverage is hilarious. An inner circle of jogging blue-clad security guards, and an outer circle of yellow-clad police, and even then protesters managed to attempt to extinguish the bloody thing (powerful extinguisher that!), and to grab hold of it when passed to a former children's TV presenter. (A young woman with all the musculature of Jason Gunn - he would have had it in another second if the cops hadn't intervened). Arguably the best part is that, in the various videos of the event, you can't really see the flame for the security, and all you can hear from the crowd is boos and "Free Tibet!". Priceless.

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You can cut the ironies with a knife!

I kind of like the ariel shot of the big truck full of camera people rolling along just a few feet in front of the torch.

There is a message there somewhere. I think that it has something to do with "get used to polluted air" so we'll park a fossil-fuel puking diesel in front of the Olympic torch bearer.
You're right ... although I hadn't even noticed that bloody great truck thing in the footage until tonight on BBC.

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