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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Is It Just Me... 

or are we the most pathetic nation in the world when a story like this makes the news...

Sleepless nights over 1am alarm mystery
Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Campbells Bay couple seem to have a mysterious problem with their alarm clock. For some reason, their two alarm clocks have gone off at the exact same time for four consecutive mornings, despite not having been set, they say.

The first night, the travel clock went off at 1am. "It was a nuisance, but we turned it off and thought no more of it," says the woman, a North Shore identity who asked not to be named. After the same thing happened the following evening, her husband thought maybe the batteries were going, so changed them. He set the alarm for 9am, but again it rang at 1am on the dot.

That night, they put the clock at the far end of the house and decided to use another alarm clock, again setting it for 9am. "We made sure that the alarm was not set and went to bed at 11pm, but were awakened by an alarm bell ringing," says the woman.

When she looked at the time, she was in disbelief. It was again 1am. "What’s the significance of their ringing at 1am? None were set to go off at that time." She says they are worried and sleep deprived. Hamilton clock manufacturers Clockworld manager Christine Frampton says there is no explanation for the clocks doing that.

"It’s really weird."

Not half as weird as running with this fucken story. I'm going to call CNN to let them know about the stereo I bought in Korea that used to turn itself on in the middle of the night when I was asleep despite having no sleep or snooze function. I reckon people would be absolutely fascinated.


I wrote you a story.

Stereo Owner Hornswoggled by Korean Tech Angst.

It's been restless nights and sudden awakenings for part-time blogger and pseudo league-pick expert Yamis. The former pie-blag victim's been left scratching his head at the antics of his Pyla-Pu home stereo unit.

"It's got me completely round the bend" says the father of three, and former dog debater.
"Every night I'm fast asleep having a kip and the bloody thing switches itself on all automatic like".
Mr Yamis annoyance with the errant stereo is further heightened by the fact it has no snooze or sleeper function included.

Yamis' frustration with the Korean made hi-fi unit reached fever pitch last Tuesday evening when it rudely interrupted nookie night.
"Oh it was a right bleeding pain in the arse" said Mr Yamis.
"There I was about to have my six monthly exchange of conjugal relations and the stereo comes on and and ruins the whole moment - I mean Celine bleeding Dion, that's just an instant passion killer".

Pyla-Pu couldn't be reached for comment on the matter.

However Mrs Yamis said she "quite liked Celine Dion actually" and that it "beat the alternative"
That's a pretty impressive effort there random. Be careful though, the SST will pick it up and print it next week.

And to think, I brought that stereo back to NZ with me only to find that in transporting it the cd player no longer works.

Pyla-Pu owner
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