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Friday, November 30, 2007

Crude racial steretypes, part 74 

It's official, "the Chinese as a race are exceptional savers". We have it on good authority from Hamilton District Court Judge Wiltens. First name Dickhead, I suspect.

What is potentially quite an interesting story, both from a human interest perspective ("Jing and her husband had both worked in New Zealand during their seven and five years respectively in the country, had paid taxes and 'contributed just as much as anyone else'"), and a health care payments perspective ("She had given birth to a son in September. When she was asked to submit her passport to confirm her entitlement to free health care she falsified her travel document to make it appear that she had residency"), is turned into an incoherent ramble by the Herald.

But the main point of interest from my perspective is the judge's deranged stereotyping.

The enlightened judiciary of this country might also like to reflect on some other stereotypes about the Chinese 'race' that undercut the 'savings' reputation: they are exceptionally enthusiastic gamblers (so there goes the savings thing); they are bad drivers (so their high insurance premiums further eat away at their savings); they undercut the white man in the labour force (so their incomes are low); and they like to live in suburban McMansions (so their housing costs are high).

Honestly, what a load of crap. I sentence District Court Judge Dickhead Q. Wiltens to 200 hours of sensitivity training at the local polytechnic and 50 hours of multicultural awareness courses at Waikato University.

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