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Monday, September 03, 2007

NRL regular season tipping round up 

Yamis 104 correct out of 168 picks = 61.9%

DC_Red 60 correct out of 100 picks = 60.0%

Bennyasena 65 correct out of 114 picks = 57.0% (retired)

Some weird/disappointing results for me this weekend: like the Eels beating the Broncos by more than 40 points ... after losing to the lowly Dragons the previous week. And the hapless Knights chalking up a win against the Tigers.


And over at Sportsfreak......

65.9% over the course of the season. Not a bad effort considering the up and down nature of the competition.

What do we win? :)

You worked this "Other" option thing out quickly Biff.

No need to gloat about the NRL picks though.
well done Biff. You showed LB how to log in in a couple of minutes while I'd given up after several weeks.

65.9% is verging on class in NRL tipping. Next year I'll see if I can crack 65. Though some of the results are fucking impossible to call.
Thank yamis. Yeah, pretty happy with that result overall, but you are right - some games are pretty much a coin toss at times.

And don't worry about LB - he's struggling to keep up with the young people.

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