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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The End is Nigh (for some) 

Better get these picks in early because I'll be away up north over the weekend checking my crops (or celebrating somebodies 30th birthday).

Cowboys (30) v Bulldogs (26) - My head is telling me the Bulldogs will win simply because they bloody well have to, but something else is telling me that the Bulldogs will crack up there as the Cowboys look to shit on them in front of their home crowd. So Cowboys for me, but if Thurston or Bowen gets rested then all bets are off (or moved sideways on to the Bulldogs). Cowboys will finish 3rd while the Bulldogs can finish from 4th to 9th (realistically 8th is the worst for them though).

Tigers (24) v Knights (18) - Tigers to win no worries but not by enough to save their arse. Knights are getting thrashed to death with the wooden spoon and by god do they deserve it. The Tigers have fallen apart but if they flog the Knights by about 40 and either the Broncos or Rabbitohs lose then they can make the 8. Mathematically they can finish 5th but realistically they will finish 8th or 9th.

Rabbitohs (26) v Roosters (21) - Rabbit shephards because they will be desperate as fuck not to wreck all their hard work. Rabbits can finish 4th to 9th but will likely finish 6th to 8th. The Roosters could finish 10th or 13th.

Panthers (18) v Warriors (27) - Warriors, but if the Panthers play the type of willy nilly silly billy football they can be quite good at and the ref decided not to do us any favours and we play a bit of dumb football.... we are fucked. Warriors can seal 4th with a win but could slip as far back as 7th if they lose and the Rabbits, Broncos, Bulldogs and Eels all win (unlikely but not outside the realms of possibility). I would suggest a loss would line us up away to the Cowboys in week 1.

Raiders (20) v Sharks (20) - Raiders at home are a pack of bastards to beat. Raiders could finish as high as 10th and as low as 15th. The Sharks could finish from 10th to 14th.

Sea Eagles (36) v Dragons (20)- Sea Eagles by plenty. Sea Eagles won't change positions regardless of the result while the Dragons could finish anywhere from 10th to 15th.

Eels (26) v Broncos (24)- no idea with this one. The Broncos will miss the playoffs with a loss and a Tigers win for the first time in their history which leads me to the idea that they could pull it out but the Eels have to win to avoid playing away to the Storm or Sea Eagles in week one so maybe I'll just go for them. Eels by 6. Eels could finish anywhere from 4th to 9th but would have to get dicked to go lower than 8th. Broncos can finish from 5th to 9th.

Storm (42) v Titans (22) - Storm will be looking to avoid injuries but will be a bit ancy about putting out a good performance as a final hitout and the Titans will know they are going to lose already so Storm by 25. Storm can't go up or down on the ladder. Titans could mathematically make the top 8 if the Broncos and Tigers both lose and they beat the Storm by a score of around 180-0. They better hope for half a dozen sendoffs in the first few minutes. More likely though the Titans will finish from 10th to 14th.

And for the rugby... Waikato to hold onto the shield 36-15.

I'm with you on everything but the Shield Game.

Nice work on the maths too ... it would have given me a headache working all those permutations out.
"Titans could mathematically make the top 8 if the Broncos and Tigers both lose and they beat the Storm by a score of around 180-0. They better hope for half a dozen sendoffs in the first few minutes." :)

And random supports a warriors pick?? What's become of him? Must be those new shoes giving him a more positive outlook. :)

Cowboys (30) v Bulldogs (26)
COWBOYS (I pretty much always back them at home)

Tigers (24) v Knights (18) - Tigers. Matchup of the century.

Rabbitohs (26) v Roosters (21) - Roosters. Just 'cos.

Panthers (18) v Warriors (27) - Warriors. Hopefully.

Raiders (20) v Sharks (20) - Raiders. Unlikely to be a quality match up.

Sea Eagles (36) v Dragons (20) - Sea Eagles.

Eels (26) v Broncos (24) - A bit more like it. Broncos.
re the warriors.

I still don't like them but they've done much better this year than I'd ever expected.

If they can make it this far it'd be churlish of me not to let them toddle a little further towards the finals.

Can't see the Storm losing though. they've been a class above the rest this season (most of the time)

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