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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I'm going to the pub, I may be some time 

Haha, this is gold:
Man 'took forklift home from the pub'
A man who rode his push-bike into town had a few drinks and allegedly decided to upgrade on the way home to a forklift.
Police found the 37-year-old Taradale man heading home in the vehicle, through Ahuriri, Napier at 7am on Sunday.
A breath test showed he was over the legal limit.
The man's father told The Dominion Post he hadn't seen him since the day before but his son "was always looking for trouble".
"I didn't know he could drive a forklift. He's always up to something new," he said.
Police were trying to find out who owned the forklift.
The man is due at Napier District Court tomorrow to face drink-driving charges.

Sound familiar?


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