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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Now it's Slingshot's Turn 

For fucks sakes. This reminds me of the couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery expression. These bastards can't even electronically take my money. I would have thought they have a slight advantage given the nature of THEIR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!

First of all we switch over to Slingshot from telecom because Telecom are a bunch of theiveing incompetent pricks.

Then our phone goes to shit and we can't get any calls. This goes on for about a week. We call up, get some vague as shit response and the next day still nothing. After more calls it gets sorted out eventually. So I make a complaint by email that we are paying for something that we haven't received so should get something taken off the bill.

No response.

Then our phone goes to shit again and we can't get any calls.

Another call and complaint about the lack of response to the email and a techinician shows up fixes the problem (kind of) and finally some money is taken off the bill. Certainly nothing for the pain and suffering, it was strictly a claculated amount based on the time we have not been able to take calls only.

And now, to bake the fucken cake, I get a letter in the mail saying we owe 192 dollars and our broadband will be cut off.

But guess what?

For the best part of a year we were getting the bills automatically deducted from my credit card. They simply stopped doing this despite it being my chosen method of payment which you can see clear as shit in their own website. And send us the typical threatening letter.

When in fucks name will technology make life easier? I ask you? Never as long as people are manning it is probably the answer. Roll on Terminator 3 - rise of the machines I say.

I'll work for a machine, so long as it bills me properly.

Serious question:

If you had the chance, would you do their CEO?

Is that that Presley chick, err I mean woman. I have never been to any strip clubs your honour (in the last 12 months).
Yup that's her.

High maintenance, mutton dressed up as lamb etc... But I would.

Especially when compared to Shrek's wife that used to head up Telecom.

LB - Re: logging in to blogger. You might want to try logging in twice. Often I can't get it to work the first time ... try again a few seconds later and it's fine. God knows why, but it always seems to work the second time.
It confuses me dc. I have registered, and even set up a blog. Check it out, it’s brilliant.

Although, ironically it won’t let anonymous comments.

But I still can’t post as Leg Break on blogs like this because it keeps asking me for a password which I never set!!

I'm sure you must have had to of set a password.

Do you have a yahoo account or google account. I just use my email address which logs me into google as well and a password to get in here.
Fuck no; too tight for that, I do it all via work.

Note to self; don't set up blogger account in future when pissed.


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