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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I don't get it files 

From the I don't get it files comes this...

News that Wellington may start charging people for coming into the city centre during peak hour.

Umm, why would you charge people who are harming nobody but themselves?

The council would make a bloody fortune and there would be less cars on the roads but who benefits apart from those collecting the money?

Those who still use the roads will now be significantly out of pocket, and those who can't afford to use the roads will be majorly inconvenienced.

Traffic congestion harms nobody but road users for all intents and purposes. Sure people might like to cross empty streets, and receive couriered mail a bit quicker but seriously, this is like charging people for having a messy bedroom.

Proper international cities do this all over the world.

It's like charging more for cell-phone calls during the week.

thats to rip people off though, not to discourage cell phone use.

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