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Monday, April 23, 2007

Smarter than the average beer 

Haha, after much thought I've finally figured out a way to get around webmarshal....

I'll just go home everyday to blog and have lunch - muhahaha.

Looks like webmarshal - the computer programme installed at my work in an attempt increase productivity by stopping employees frittering away their days looking at internet sites far more stimulating than their work-related ones, has just backfired.

You can limit my internet access but you can never take my FREEDOM.

What's more I'll be using a company vehicle to go home when I do.

That's Bennyasena 2 Webmarshal 0

Anyways, on to less self-obsessed news - I'd just like to join in the chorus of saying fuck off George, we'll really miss you and your inspired and intelligent commentary....

Anyways, back to the mill.

Further to the fuck off George effort...

I see in the census that 1 in 3 Aucklanders was born outside NZ. I'd say about 1 in 3 were born outside Auckland as well but within NZ.

So what exactly is an "Aucklander" aside from somebody living in Auckland trying to get by?

My neighbours over the road are a white guy (not sure where from) and an Asian woman. The house next to them has European immigrants. Our neighbours are an Irish couple on one side and a Samoan family on the otherside. Down the road we have a white couple, next to them a Maori couple (I think).

Get busy living or carry on dying miserable.
Ah, the moustachioed misanthrope will fit in better in Christchurch or whatever provincial hell hole he has his eye on (Random ... are you around to take the bait?)

More seriously, Yamis, you're right. Aucklanders are people who happen to be living in Auckland at the moment, most of whom probably see some good things, and some annoying things, about their city of residence.

For example, I am very appreciative of all the green (forest/park) and blue (harbour/ocean) around the city, and the fact it is basically accessible 12 months a year. I dislike public transport from Massey. See ... balance.

Darth should try it.
Actually I'm in Wellington these days so your Chch jibes no longer affect me.

Though I hasten to point out I remain a Crusaders supporter. The Hurricanes are simply too damaging to my blood pressure.

As for Garth, well I reckon he should move to Nelson. It's full of irascible elderly folk. He'd blend right in.
Hi guys - just popped in to say that your blog is not only a good read and damn funny. 'Normal' socialists - a rare but hopefully expanding species!

Calvin Tucker
Ever get the feeling you've just been labelled?

What would normal socialists chant at a political rally anyway?

Sieg health??
"We are normal socialists!!!"
There's no such thing as a normal socialist.

Name three.
good to see tax dollars going to good use

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