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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Does this strike anyone as a word which is ludicrously over-used by some people? Put another way, is there anything that the Maori Party wouldn't describe as taonga? (Therein lies a problem with incorporating Treaty clauses in legislation ... they are potentially all-encompassing). They might draw the line at cigarettes, I suppose.

Also, isn't it incredibly banal to describe children in this way? What next: "I believe that children are our future?" FFS, that is not a serious contribution to political debate. It pretty much deserves a good banning, in both its English and Te Reo versions.

This is not to say there is no virtue in a simple message. How about: stop bashing children, and/or feeding them complete junk? Two days' ago, in our one-up-from-McGehan-Close neighbourhood, I saw a boy of about two and a half (+/- six months) who I would estimate was two foot tall, and weighing in at a good 40kg.

Which makes me wonder whether local MP John Key has heard of new-fangled studies which point to the notion that obesity (rather than hunger) is commonly associated with poverty? And what does he propose to do about it? Is he suggesting we remove the GST from fruit and vegetables, for example? Or income-splitting for tax purposes?

In fact, I still don't know of a single thing John Key does stand for, other than chartiable giving to the deserving poor, and tax cuts of as yet undefined nature and scope.

Whenever I hear Nats on the tellie or radio blabbing on about how poverty stricken we are, the children are all dirty, there's no jobs yada yada I shit myself laughing.

Can you only imagine those same peoples plight under a National government?

The second they got in those folk would be looooooooong forgotten.

And then 2 years later when the stats are getting way worse they would start abusing them for being in that position saying it was all their fault.
I dry reach every time I hear someone say the word "mana". It is as ift people say the word to sound cultured and so everyone can nod approvingly.

DC and Yamis: I will be unbearable when Key wins the next election.
Dinkas ... if worst comes to worst, we will just shut off our comments function. :)
Fleming must be sacked. Vincent and Bond dropped.

Quickly sending text messages to Aussie friends.
If National win the next election I'll shut down the whole damn site.
Yamis: I might go broke with donating money to the Nats :)
Why don't you just write a cheque to Aroha of McGehan Close instead? I thought that's what all you Nats supporters were all about these days. Caring for the poor. ;)

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